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Peoples Choice for LG15:TSIY

Entries for LG15: The Show Is Yours

This is an unofficial list.

I'm About to Die. - ChadEvans18

May Flower - missymayflower

Stepping In - EvangelineAraho

Bonjour Canada! - addictiveerica

The Thousand Year Fight - LG15Origins

LG15: Clones (pilot) - Jabsie

Yay? - stephknowseverything

Rubin to the Rescue? - RubintotheRescue

LG15: The Misfits - Pilot - lg15themisfits

A Change of Place - mswilsonswar

LG15 Pilot - Brian Mythic - ResistanceWarrior

You Wanted Answers - TheFacil1ty

JUST JEN 1st Blog - justjustjen

LG15 TSIY pilot Chaos Echoes ep 1 - mitchcontrol

LG15: Final Request - Trailer - LG15FinalRequest

LG15: The Cure Pilot - LG15TheCure

LG15: Last Days Pilot-ish Dealie - lg15lastdays

LG15: The Last - Pilot - 0TheLast0

LG15: The Order Files (Series Preview + Pilot Episode) - stretchandmayonaise

Quest For The Elixir : Pilot - imdjdan

LG15: Lucy's Baby Daddy - Hymn0f0ne

william's lonelygirl15 pilot - WilliamOfTheFuture

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